Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Woodworking this Summer: the Master Craftsman

This summer Joshua has spent a lot of time making furniture for our room. In fact we now only have one piece of furniture--a dresser that he didn't make in our room. He hopes to make an armoire to replace it...but this summer he has made us matching night stands...a corner table for our computer and office supplies...and his last is so amazing--an archery rack!
Night stand
Archery Rack
Archery rack with antlers from his buck he got last year.
Corner table
He also has made our bed frame, my cedar chest and a book shelf...the room is so pretty!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Gideon the Fisherman

Gideon got to go fishing last week at camp as Joshua was teaching fishing to the boys. Gideon had the best fishing rod because on the first day he caught 9 fish! Then he wound up catching 33 in all during the these were small fish but really, what a little fisher man!!!

2014 Cow Day

Since I don't have a small device to take pics to put on instagram, here are our family pictures from cow day. We had wonderful Aunt Miriam with us that day!!! It's rather difficult to get three children to stay in spots long enough to get free food but it was fun! Chick-fil-A was very generous and we appreciate them...Tirzah was a fancy cow in her pink dress...that girl!!!