Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We leave for Guyana today...

Well today we leave for Guyana...We plan on spending most of our time in Timerhi having Bible studies for new believers. There are also possibilities with traveling and speaking and preaching the gospel. We are open to how the Lord directs our time while we are there. We will be coming back June 2nd.

Please keep the following things in mind when you pray for us:
  • That Gideon will do well on the loooong plane rides
  • that our hearts will be prepared for the work
  • that we would have boldness in preaching the word
  • that we all will stay healthy and safe
  • for new (and old) believers to be encouraged
  • that the Lord would bring us to those who are seeking Him
  • that hard hearts would be softened
  • that the believers would be unified and learn to help one another.
  • that the Lord would guide us in all our words and actions

Thank you so much for holding the rope for us on this trip.

Just a few pictures from our property from the past few days...and a word on the baby birds in the last picture. Those are baby barn swallows that made a nest in our car port. Well Joshua came home a few hours after that picture was taken and saw a big black snake hanging from the rafters trying to eat the baby birds. I guess they had just learned how to fly so all of them escaped except one...such a sad ending, we now have no more baby birds in the nest...Joshua chased away the snake. Good old country life! :-)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Park and Family!

Gideon's passport came...with much prayer we now do not have to expedite it and now we all have our passports! The Lord is so good! Wow, I can't believe we leave in less than two weeks!

Last week we went to the park and Gideon got to see goslings for the first time and instead of wanting to feed the ducks he wanted to eat the bread! He is always hungry...and wanting to share all our food! Joshua and I also went out on a date last week...we got all dressed up which was so much fun!

Time with Family

This past weekend we got to see lots of our family and so I have some fun pictures and a couple videos that are sweet as well of Gideon with his aunts and uncles and grandparents.

Monday, May 3, 2010


So last night Joshua had a hard time going to sleep...and around 12:30 I woke up and stirred and he whispered "shhh there's something outside our window." Of course then I was awake, it's not that unusual for deer to sleep right below our window we hear them sometimes moving around outside and see signs of them but we've never actually seen them. Well I peeped out the window looking for a deer and saw...a bear! There were two cubs wrestling a little outside our window, grunting and rolling over each other. It was amazing! Then after we watched them a bit they moved out or view and then vanished silently. I have no idea where they went but they just disappeared. We know that we have bears living on our mountain and I had seen a big one at a distance further up the mountain a while back...and we have had a bear get into our trash before--he trailed it across the street and we saw his claw markings. And we've heard that we have a momma bear and cubs living on the mountain but this was the first time we've ever seen them in our yard! What fun!