Monday, May 10, 2010

Park and Family!

Gideon's passport came...with much prayer we now do not have to expedite it and now we all have our passports! The Lord is so good! Wow, I can't believe we leave in less than two weeks!

Last week we went to the park and Gideon got to see goslings for the first time and instead of wanting to feed the ducks he wanted to eat the bread! He is always hungry...and wanting to share all our food! Joshua and I also went out on a date last week...we got all dressed up which was so much fun!


  1. Aww! Hey Stephanie, the ball was really fun, wasn't it?!:D I got to hold Gideon!!!!:) He's so adorable!!

  2. Stephanie, you are so beautiful! And I LOVE your dress!!! (And what's really funny is that I just bought that exact same sweater at Belk! Haha!) And you look a lot like me in your pink sleeveless shirt! I think I wear mine more than any other shirt I own during the summer! :-D