Saturday, June 19, 2010

Going to Guyana Post 1

We had a wonderful visit to Guyana visiting the young believers there. Gideon did wonderful--he was of course quite the center of attention as many had never seen a white baby. So he helped us meet lots of new people and open conversations that led to the Lord. He had a hard time at first because it was quite hot and humid so it was hard for him to sleep and he was also sharing a bed with his parents which he was not used too (he likes his own space). But he really was quite the trooper the whole trip with us being outside a lot and being around many new people.

We were able to have some Bible studies with the believers and we went walking down alliance road everyday to visit with people. We had many good talks and were able to encourage the believers. We also were able to share the gospel with a family and their neighbors who are hindu. We talked to those believers who have no way of growing and so study with Jehovah Witnesses and encouraged them to meet with other believers. We had a wonderful time planting seeds and watering other seeds. The Lord blessed the trip and kept us safe.

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