Thursday, August 18, 2011

Big Trucks

Our community has an annual event called Touch a Truck where kids can touch and climb all over big trucks and boy did Gideon have a blast with his Daddy! He was such a happy boy "driving" those trucks! It's his favorite word--"truck"!
Driving the bus he loves so much at Aletheia Springs


  1. What a great time for Gideon and Joshua! Gideon reminds me of Benji at that age. His favorite word was truck, only it came out "Daddo". He would point to trucks and tractors and say "my daddo", which became my truck license plate. Later, Daddo turned into my nickname.

  2. Thanks for sharing these pics, Stephanie. We miss you guys! At least we can see your children via your blog. :)

  3. Kids are usually left fascinated by the sight of trucks on the road, especially little boys. I love seeing their happy faces whenever they see one and say the word truck whenever one goes by.