Friday, March 15, 2013

Weekend in North Carolina

Our last couple days of Joshua's spring break were spent in North Carolina where we got to visit with family. We first attended a grand prix awana race which was super fun! Joshua gave a little gospel message and then we got to enjoy the races! Gideon was a judge for the designs of the cars, he loved that job! We then stayed with Joshua's cousin Michael and his wife Katelin. We had a fun time and were even able to go on a double date thanks to cousin Heather babysitting! Then we got to visit Benjamin and Jamie and cousins Judah and Ellie on the way home! It was lots of fun playing outside in the 70 degree weather!!! My how little ones grow so fast!
Cars ready to race

Gideon watching them take off!

Playing in the nursery

Chloe can now sit up!

In the tunnel

Uncle Joshua and little Ellie

Brother and their nieces

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  1. Love the photos, Stephanie. I always enjoy stopping by for a "visit". :)