Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Making Things Ourselves

I feel like the past couple weeks Joshua and I have been venturing out and learning to make things ourselves. It's been pretty exciting!

First I have to brag about my amazing husband who put in our very own diaper sprayer (which is a kitchen sprayer attached to the toilet that allows you to spray off dirty diapers). Since Gideon just started solids it has become a much needed tool and Joshua decided he could do it himself instead of buying one. So we went to the hardware store and Joshua explained to someone that he wanted to attach a kitchen sink sprayer to the toilet and the guy got him all set up with the stuff he needed. So last night we finally had a little bit of time and Joshua put it all together and it worked great! But the sink sprayer end had a crack so this morning he returned that for a new one and now we have a perfectly good working diaper sprayer!!!! I am so grateful that he put one in...

Yesterday I also got to learn how to use our new tortilla maker and I made my very own flour tortillas and corn tortillas! Then I made my own chips from the corn tortillas...I've enjoyed having more time to cook and experiment in the kitchen!

Today I'm making a bumper for Gideon's crib...because we are teaching him to sleep through the night in his own room and he's still working on it but at night if he wakes up and starts crying the madder he gets the more he arches his back and scoots up to the top and bumps his head. So now he has a couple little red bumps...so thus I'm making padding for him!

We had a busy weekend with going to R. for a youth conference and being able to see my family, which was nice. They were so eager to see Gideon! So I've included a couple pictures from that.

Our play Pride and Prejudice is coming...the performance is next Friday and I think everyone will be so glad to finally be done with it...but right now everyone is finishing their lines and costumes and working on their songs...if you'd like to come let me know...


  1. Way to go on the diaper sprayer and on making your own tortillas! I'm just thinking of trying to make my own cream of X soup instead of buying cans of it for recipes. There's nothing like the satisfaction that comes from making things yourself, especially when you save lots of money!

  2. I do remember you!! :)
    That is so funny that you found through via MSM - I enjoy her blog so much.

    Gideon is such a beautiful baby! How old he is? I gathered from your blog that you are living in VA? I checked to see if you live near me :)

    It's fun to find a blog that I actually know the author of :)

  3. I'm glad to hear that you bought a tortilla maker, and like it! I love mine! Aren't the homemade tortillas just delicious?