Thursday, September 16, 2010

A few new tricks

So Gideon has done a few new things to bring in his eleventh month. Two days ago he started giving Mommy and Daddy kisses after we would kiss him. Now of course his kisses are his open slobbery mouth against our cheek but it is priceless and its so nice to see he knows what we are doing. Also he has about 2-3 upper teeth coming in right now--the first one has already broken thru and is not a center tooth but one to the side. And also when we take pictures he closes his eyes, not sure why but it makes for cute pictures!


  1. It looks like he is trying to play a harmonica in the first picture...or eating a rock! I can"t wait to get one of his slobbery kisses on Saturday!

  2. Haha, Steve, I thought the same thing about the first picture. I was thinking playing the harmonica was a pretty good trick!!

    Steph, he is really growing up. Such a sweet boy....I love his big blue eyes!

  3. precious precious precious little fella..