Monday, September 13, 2010

A New Member to our Household

Well we have decided to get a mouser-in-training otherwise known as a kitten! So last night we took the plunge not really being prepared and adopted a cute calico kitten. Its about three months old. She doesn't have a permanent name so right now I just call her by what she was called at her previous home which was meow meow. Gideon is quite interested in this wild creature that is running all over the house exploring. She will be an outside cat as soon I figure out how you transition a brand new member to your family to outside without her running away. Right now everything is just so new to her and she's scared of us so I want her to get a little comfortable with us first. We need a mouser badly being in the country...and plus its about time we had our first pet! :-)


  1. A family we knew from Texas told me that if you want a new cat to stay around, put an open can of tuna outside the back door, and let the cat out, and then leave it there for several days, at the end of which time, the cat should want to stay around! :) I don't know if it works, and I'm sure you all have plenty of other wild animals that would want the tuna too! :) -Rachel