Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Some Gideon Moments

I just had to share some cute things Gideon has been doing. Last night he was obsessed about getting in the wood box right next to the woodstove. He kept climbing in there and just sitting. He is so funny. Then the other day he threw all his bath toys in the empty bath tub and then jumped in himself and just played in there...that's why I always make sure I drain the water immediately! Then he has started to talk on the phone which is adorable. Also I wanted to share a picture of the beautiful bedframe that Joshua has made for our room! He made it out of cherry wood, it still needs a layer of polyurethane but I LOVE it!


  1. Stephanie, I can't believe how much he's grown since I last saw him! It doesn't seem like that long ago either!!
    Joshua did an amazing job on that bed frame. How beautiful. It's going to make such a lovely addition to your room!!

  2. Gideon looks like he is ready to be a big brother!!
    The bed frame is beautiful!