Thursday, March 3, 2011

"Dating Divas"---Amazing Website

I recently was directed towards a website that I have fallen in love with, it is called! Their goal is "strengthening marriage one date at a time" so they have an incredible group of women who share lots of creative date ideas for those of us that definitely need some ideas. They also just have all sorts of fun ideas for keeping the love alive between you and your husband. There are ideas out there for dates at home, double dates, adventurous dates and just little things you can do to make your husband feel loved! Recently I took one of their ideas and made a candy card for Joshua...I haven't made one of those in ages and it was so much fun! The other cool thing is that the site is updated there are always new ideas!

The past two weeks they have been doing some really great giveaways and if you head over there you can still enter them until tomorrow. They are doing a great big giveaway for the person who can advertise to the largest audience for them...seeing as I have a new baby I haven't really been able to think very creatively to be able to enter it but I did put their web address on our car and have been driving that around! It's been fun and I know that people will be reading it because it is written on the window with a car marker and I don't know about you but I always am curious what message a person has written on their that was my try for the prize!

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  1. Writing the website on your car was a great idea! And the candy card is SOOOOO CUTE!!! Haha! I have never heard of anything like that before! That's awesome! :-D