Thursday, April 21, 2011

Article on Cloth Diapering

I wrote an article about our experience cloth diapering in Guyana, South America and it was published on the blog Cloth Diaper Whisperer...go and check it out! I LOVE my cloth diapers!

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  1. I just read your encouraging article on the Cloth Diaper Whisperer. My husband and I are missionaries in Brazil and about to have our first kiddo in about a month. My family is throwing a "Skype Baby Shower" and I put some cloth diapers on the registry. I really want to do the cloth diapering (for many of the same reasons you mentioned in your post), but it is going to have many of the same challenges you seemed to have in Guyana (no hot water from the tap, long rainy days, etc.). So we shall see if I am up to the challenge!

    Maybe you can help me with a few questions. What diaper brands that you brought seemed to dry the quickest? And did you have any mildew stink problems with your diapers? Did you bring down your own detergent too or just use baby detergent in Guyana?
    I know you were there just a few weeks, but any tips would be awesome! Thanks again for the post!!