Monday, April 18, 2011

Bible Study on Friday Night

Friday night was Bible study at the Mitchell's house. Joshua is leading the study on the book of Leviticus. I used to join him in the study but now I stay upstairs and keep an eye on Tirzah and Gideon as they play with the younger Mitchells. Here are a few pictures from Friday...Gideon is holding his Mimi's puppy. He loved it! Bible study night is always late and Friday we were out till after eleven which made for all of us being very tired. Gabe I have to say is quite amazing--he has a cell phone and ipod that are ready for child use at any time. When Gideon wanted his cell phone he immediately handed it to him on toddler lock where he could push buttons and it would show shapes and make cute sounds. And he handed off his ipod to one of the twins ready to play the piano. I was very impressed!

Bethany, Cheyenne and Kelsey

Christopher, Bethany and Tirzah

Gideon and Mimi's puppy

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  1. i love the last photo! he looks so pleased! he is growing up! Give him a hug and kiss from me!