Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Changing Out Clothes

So I'm working on changing out my children's clothes from winter to summer and of course also keeping in mind that they have to be in the right sizes...people have been so generous recently and given me lots of clothes, so I thought this would be a good time to just work on going through ALL the clothes! I have a "sell/giveaway" pile, put away in drawers pile and pack up in boxes pile. I am almost done but this is what it started out looking like:
And this is what it is starting to look like:
What do you other mamas out there do with all your excessive amounts of clothes? I feel like I'm always going through them and my kids just keep growing. I have a pile for Once Upon a Child...then I'll try selling them at my yard sale or craigslist or giving them away. I am totally in the cleaning out mood! Spring cleaning has a hold of me!


  1. I've so appreciated the clothes that have been handed down to us. We haven't passed on too many of the clothes yet...we're saving them for future children. :-)

    I just cleaned out my boys' clothes yesterday. It's so nice to have their drawers organized and to know when I reach into a drawer I'll pull something out that fits and isn't too small. :-)

  2. Stephanie,
    All our extra and outgrown girls' clothes got to Elia, and the boys clothes go to Goodwill. :)