Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Chik-Fil-A grand opening and a Flat Tire

So last week Joshua had to be gone for a whole week for a school conference about two hours away. We missed each other sorely and both had a hard time being apart in our separate ways. On Wednesday my sister Beth and my father-in-law were going to try and be one of the first 100 at a Chik-Fil-A grand opening (who get 52 free meal vouchers). The way it works is you show up at 6am the morning before the opening and they raffle off 100 spots for you to stay 24 hours (camping out) and they feed you and monitor to make sure you don't leave...well it would seem that even with rain it was such a good deal that there were close to 400 people who showed up before six in the morning...so our names wound up not being called sadly...the one disappointing thing is that people travel from out of state and go from grand opening to grand opening and so locals don't have that great of a chance. So we were prepared but it didn't work out, I'm glad to have another Chik-Fil-A nearby however. I decided to pack up the kids and head out to my parents house a day early since I had the time and was making my way leisurely down the road when someone honked and told me I had a flat tire...so I made my way to a big Sheetz I knew of close by. I then tried to reach Joshua and my brother who was close by since I wasn't too sure what I should do. I know how to change a tire but I wasn't too keen on doing it in the heat, being pregnant and having two little ones in the car...surely I looked pitiful enough for someone to offer help right? I did, in fact I had about four different men offer to help me and one of them worked really hard to get the tire off and then the tire was stuck and there was nothing he could do without the right tools...so by that time I called AAA and asked them to send someone out and I got a hold of my dear brother Zach who got permission from work to come and help me out for a while. So within 15 minutes I had someone with a tow truck come up and knew exactly what the problem was and had my spare tire on in no time and my brother came to help me with my little ones who were restless and I was able to even get a bathroom break! Zach also took me to a great tire shop that he knew of and they patched the hole and put the tire back on in a short amount of time...so I was back on the road, quite tired and about two hours behind when I thought I would be on it...but safe and well taken care of. The Lord is so good to take care of all of us especially the one time Joshua wasn't with us. I appreciated all those who offered me help...
300+ People waiting for the Opening

Andy, me and Beth
Triple A man who came out and fixed it real quick
Playing in the Tires

Uncle Zach to the rescue

Crazy Hair Girl

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  1. It is so wonderful when God shows His faithfulness to us in even small things! I have had so many similar stories of how God takes care of me and blesses me when my husband is away!