Friday, October 25, 2013

Trip to Lancaster

As part of Gideon's birthday celebration and an excuse to finally visit my aunt and uncle we took a trip up to Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
We drove among the Amish
Admired their clotheslines
Visited a Train Museum
Where they have a steam locomotive you can ride...sadly we couldn't that day.
But it was fun to watch steam in and out
We bought some local fresh made root beer
And pumpkins for $1
The main reason for being there was to see the Sight and Sound production of Noah which was spectacular! You got to be inside the ark with lots of animals--live as well as fake.
My family was also up there to see the sights and play
We had so much fun!
The other thing we saw while we were up there was a life size replica of the was quite amazing and had a wonderful tour. Well worth seeing if you're up there.

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  1. Still can't believe you got a pumpkin for $1! I think next year I will drive to Amish country just for the $1 pumpkins... Yeah, yeah, I know my logic is flawed. ;)