Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Yard Sale almost Bombing...

So I totally picked bad yard sale on Saturday...I wanted to go to a different side of town but we decided to go in a direction towards a kite festival so I picked ones around there. So out of the three we stopped at I got nothing...then on the way home Joshua followed yard sale signs on his own--he's such a good man!--and then we stumbled upon a great yard sale! They had all sorts of outside toys for $5 a piece...sadly our van could barely get the three I bought as there just isn't enough space with our three little ones. But we squished those in and made do...I paid $12 for all 3 and have already sold 2 for $30, the other is the bouncy/jump horse that retails for $125 on amazon...hope to make a bit on that...everything needed to be cleaned up--buy my enviro cloths made that easy!!!

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