Saturday, May 3, 2014

Yard Sale at end of April

So last weekend I was supposed to be hitting the free Church yard sales to look just for some things for our family but due to being out late the night before I had to skip the free sales (note, I do not resell things I find at a free sale)! Instead I prepared for a Norwex party I was giving later in the day and on our way to the party we just happened to pass a Church yard sale that had been pretty good the year before so we stopped. I was not disappointed. I found a train table with wooden tracks and a Cars activity rug for $10! I was able to sell the table and rug for $25...then I gave the tracks to someone...I also found some shoes for $.25 a pair and some baskets for my Norwex parties for $.50. Also some really nice snow boots for $1 a piece. It was quite the success...

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