Monday, May 23, 2011

A Perfect Family Outing to the Zoo

Saturday we had a wonderful family day where we got some errands done and had some fun! First we started off by going by Kroger to return something when we found out they were having some sort of event where they were giving out free food! That was great so we added it to our picnic basket. We also got to get in a fire engine which Gideon loved since he is very much into trucks right now. Then we went by Once Upon a Child where I found a bathing suit for Trizah and swimming trunks for Gideon and got them for $1 since I had a little bit of credit there! Yay, I was needing that. We were then off to the Star and the zoo...where we had a picnic and walked around and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

I finally got to see the star and the amazing view from it!

Eating Lunch

Our beautiful Picnic basket from my brother and sister-in-law
Pointing out the "o" in Zoo

The cutest creatures at the zoo

Worn out after a fun day!


  1. What great pictures! It looks like you all had a great day. I love that picnic basket!!

  2. How fun! Are those prairie dogs? They are so cute! And I love the picnic basket! :-)

  3. I must say that this reminded me of an email I read with tips on how to amuse yourself. One of them was: exit the zoo running, screaming "they're loose, they're loose!" I thought it was funny. :) Glad to know you're enjoying family time!