Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Strawberry Picking

Our family was able to go strawberry picking and boy did we have fun! Joshua and I took turns watching either busy Gideon or little Tirzah. Gideon loved having his pick of any strawberries he wanted, he would sit in the row and eat green, pink or red berries! We eventually got him to just be picking red ones. He would sometimes take a bite out of the strawberry and then place it in the bucket--he was trying to help! We got quite a few strawberries and I'm looking forward to making some jam soon! Last night we had strawberry shortcake!


  1. Oh they look so yummy! We have fond memories of picking strawberries with some of the Fosters!!! Can't wait till the strawberries are ready to pick up here!!

  2. Gideon is just like me. sure i like picking strawberries but i like eating them even more!:)
    P.S SAVE ME SOME!!!!!!!!