Monday, July 25, 2011

Men and Women's Roles in the Church

My husband Joshua has been writing really good articles on the foundation of the Church, he has a blog now where they get published when he is able to write them. But I thought the most recent one was sooo good I had to share at least a portion of it...the rest is on the blog Inspecting Foundations.

"...In today’s society it is unpopular to suggest that men and women are different and have different roles. It is clear, however, from Scripture that this is the case, and that God created us this way so that we might complement one another. When we understand this we can learn to joyfully submit to the unique roles that God has given us..."

"...First of all men are encouraged to be active in public prayer, but women are encouraged concerning their apparel and their godly living. He does not say that women can never pray publicly, or that men should not exemplify godly living, but it does illustrate the different types of ministry that God has equipped men and women for. He goes on to show how these differences manifest themselves in the church..."

"...We will always find the most satisfaction and fulfillment in life (whether in the family or in the church or anywhere) when we submit to God’s order and purpose for our lives. Unfortunately it is the tendency of men and women (and even angels apparently) to want something for which we were never intended. Some women seem to have the attitude that God is withholding some good thing from them, and they look for every loophole to get around it. On the other hand, some men seem to wish that they had the woman’s part. They are quite unwilling to take up the mantle of public prayer and teaching and worship. There is sometimes an attitude of trying to see how little we can do and still be in obedience to God’s order. Let us rather strive to excel in the role that God has given us..."

There is more out there and it is really good to read the whole thing so nothing is taken out of context but it is just such a good study on submission to God's Authority Structure.

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