Saturday, July 2, 2011

Playdate with Twins!

This past week Joshua and I took the children to North Carolina where we were helping with a 5-Day club. It was in the evening so during the day we took some time to visit. Here are some pictures from having lunch with our really good friend Bekah and her twin daughters that are about 14 months old--Maleah and Makelah and she is due with her third little one later this year. We had such a good time and Gideon enjoyed playing with little girls his age. There were these crazy little ducks that came around that were mangy and just so not cute but they sure did hover to get every little goldfish the kidos dropped! Gideon started carrying a stick to "protect" the girls. So cute, it was very, very hot but so good to see friends!
Maleah, Bekah, Me and Makelah

Yay for sharing!

Bringing Makelah her water

Isn't Bekah a Super Mom?

Makeleah and Gideon


We could never get them all three to look at the same time!

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