Thursday, April 19, 2012

Organizing Toys

Gideon and Tirzah's room has been quite a mess for a while because I don't have anywhere to put their toys. And they wind up in a communal basket and such a mess! They love to knock it over and so things are all over the floor. Well I finally decided to take control and organize their toys. So I got several plastic containers and organized the toys according to type and then decided to label them with pictures so that the children would know where to put their toys if they have more than one out. Works great! Gideon knows exactly where to put his cars and trains now...and he loves that he has pictures on his boxes! So I have some success in their room and it looks so nice and clean now because everything has its space!


  1. What a fantastic idea!! I've been going through similar toy 'explosions' lately--I may just have to give this a shot!

  2. you are sooooooooo organized!

  3. Oh, sounds like a good idea!