Monday, April 2, 2012

Yard Sale Success

I have decided this spring that I want very much to do a little more yard sale shopping and decided that this past Saturday was a good day to start as there was a neighborhood sale less than five minutes away.  My wonderful husband who does not like to shop volunteered to go with me spelling LOVE all over to me! So armed with our list we took off thinking we would be gone for less than 30 minutes. Well, this was quite the neighborhood...quite a few people had them and the road kept going and going. So we walked around and found some great bargains! The best find of the day was a real gift from the Lord! It was some Thomas the Train wooden tracks for $1! Below you will find pictures of Gideon thoroughly enjoying them! It was the perfect amount. Not too many but enough to make a great track! We actually were gone for the weekend and came back pretty late last night but the kids needed to get out some energy from being in the car so Joshua put together the tracks last night for Gideon to see the full effect. Another find...don't laugh...but we bought 4 car seats at the very end! I know, I know, what could I possibly want with 4? Well, Joshua's parents needed two more big ones as they like to keep car seats in their van so if our kids ride in there they are already prepared. Then my sister-in-law's mother was looking for a big one as well. And then we found a beautiful chicco brand infant carseat with 2 bases that  was only $25! The bases sell for at least $70! So we are considering keeping it for ourselves or reselling it or giving it to someone else who needs it... :-) Anyway our car was packed by the end of the hour and a half we wound up shopping. It was so fun and I checked off things on  my list! As well as getting a birthday present for Gideon for $1! So amazing!

Tirzah desiring to play as well!


  1. wow! thats a lot of car seats! is Gideon feeling better? love you all!

  2. Daniel and Stephen LOVED those train sets the whole time they were growing up! What a good find! I'm glad you had so much yard-sale success. And I have to admit I laughed about the car seats...but not because I didn't think it was practical! It was just funny. :-D