Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fishing Date--why you should always have a Goodwill Bag in your Van

So I have made up a list of things I would love to do this summer and fishing was on that list. This past weekend was free fishing day in Virginia so I asked Joshua if we could do a fishing date and we was game! So we dropped off the kids at Grandparents and off we went to the river. I had dug up a bunch of worms but the river was quite fast flowing so we didn't know if we would have any luck. We started fishing and the worm wouldn't even drop with the water moving so quickly. So we saw a Dad with his kids and he said they had caught some fish. So we decided to move up stream to a quieter spot. Joshua started to fish (we only have one rod) and I moved down close to the edge with him...that's when it happened! I slipped and tried to grab on to anything...and then SPLASH!!!! I totally fell completely in the river, everything but my head went under!
We continued to fish and both wound up catching the same little blue gill fish--we threw him to live a longer life! We had so much fun. Thankfully we had a towel in the van and then I remembered I actually had a goodwill bag of clothes I was getting rid of in the van so I was able to change and be dry...
We finished the night by getting take out at Applebees of fish and chips and eating it by the river.
All in all a delightful evening and it poured when we were on our way home!!!

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  1. Haha! Oh my! Too bad nobody got a video of you falling in the river! :-D It's good that you had extra clothes along. How convenient!