Thursday, June 6, 2013

Yard Sale Week 8

Well this week I was able to hit some good yard sales, I took all three children with me by myself as Joshua went to a work day and Grandma was out of town. So I braved the shopping alone and it was fun. I got them all out at three sales and two of them were a great success and the kids had a lot of fun looking at all the toys and playing with things.

At the first sale we went to it was right down the road from us and we got some great deals. I got a deluxe umbrella stroller that has a sun visor and pockets for $5. I got a bunch of good books for $.25 a piece. I also found a nice stool/chair for our computer as we just moved it into our dining room I got it for $5! I also picked up a couple cute singing toys and a puzzle and some clothes for Tirzah for $.10 a piece.

I also picked up at a second sale a train table with trains and wooden tracks for $20. I was really just intested in the box with tracks and trains but she wanted to sell them together for $30 so I offered $20 and my offer was received. I also picked up the cutest little weed eater and chain saw that make nosie and pretend work for $2.
Also I should start keeping track of everything people give us free at yard sales. As I was leaving the first one the lady asked if my kids would like this little guitar that plays music (like Wild Thing, Rockstar, etc.). I told her they would play with it so she just gave it to me...maybe so she wouldn't be annoyed by the constant music?? :-)
So I spent $40.50 this Saturday...most of the things I have just listed so I haven't actually sold them yet but this is what I am going for, I might lower a bit seeing how things go.
                                                                                        Paid                       Listed/Sold for
      • Train table and trains and tracks            $20                             $40-50
      • Tea Pot                                                $1                               $5 
      • Cookie Jar                                           $1                               $5
      • Umbrella Stroller (traded mine out)        $5                              $6
      • Puzzles                                                $.10                            $3
      •  Breast Pump                                       $5                                 $20
      • Booster Seats (sold 2)                           $1.75                           $13

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  1. Where do you resell your things at? Craigslist?