Wednesday, July 3, 2013

4.5 Year Anniversary Photo Shoot (Check this photographer out)

Can it really have been 4.5 years since Joshua and I got married? In some ways it seems like that long--take our three children that are growing so quickly and in some ways it seems not so long ago--take the fact that we still are in love and our love is stronger!
A friend of ours has started a photography service and we are here to show off her amazing work!!! Her name is Kristin and she was so much fun to work with. We met on the Blue Ridge Parkway for a photo shoot and we managed to get in quite a few pictures in between the rain showers.
She had great, creative ideas and she picked an amazing spot as there was so many different landscapes to choose from...a field of tall grass, short grass to sit on, a stone bridge, a road to walk fun!!!
I love how she was able to get candid pictures and great poses. She really captured Joshua and I which makes me really happy!!! She was really laid back and fun!
She also brought some great props--the picture frame (which I will show tomorrow, so as not to overwhelm you with pictures), a nice picnic tablecloth to set on the wet ground so we could lay down a blanket and not get it wet...she also made sure we had bug spray (yay, no bug bites).
Joshua being the amazing man he is brought his hat which made for cute and fun pictures!
Kristin also suggested Joshua bring his guitar which was a great choice...she has a great list of props and tips on her site for preparing for the photo shoot, check them out!
Kristin played around a bunch with close ups and angles, love that I have different pictures to choose from!
This made for an amazing date night! We did this without the kids and were able to just have fun and be in love!
Love this picture (thanks to my sister for loaning me the skirt)!
We also brought a favorite book for a prop, this book is special as it was a gift Joshua gave me while we were just starting our relationship and it is a favorite read aloud between us!
Kristin's turn around time on the pictures was super fast, we had the shoot on Sunday and I had the pictures by Tuesday, and I got a great selection. They are all on her website and you can download them or order them. There are too many for me to put on here but I'll do some more tomorrow.
So go check out Kristin and sign up for a photo session, it would make an amazing gift for your spouse or family member. She does couples, babies, family, etc. Her website is here: and her facebook is she is doing a special for the month of July of $50 for a session (she spends 1-2 hours with you) and afterwards the price will be going definitely try to snag a time this month...she is really amazing and so fun to work with!


  1. These are beautiful, Stephanie!

  2. These are really nice, Stephanie! :)

  3. Thank you so much for your kind words Stephanie! So glad you enjoyed your session :-).

    1. P.S. You are such a beauty! The camera loved you!

  4. Oh Stephanie, these pictures are so sweet! =)

  5. Oh, Stephanie, these pictures are so amazing!!!!! Kristin did a fantastic job, and you are just so gorgeous! My favorites are the ones of you looking up at Joshua playing his guitar. So beautiful and precious!!! :-)