Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What do toddlers do at Camp?

Joshua and I both grew up serving the Lord at summer Bible camps and we got to know each other before we were married at Bible camps so it seems quite natural to be helping out as a family at camps in the summer. This summer we are helping out at three different weeks and Joshua is teaching the Word of God at all three. They are each a different age group: 8-10, 11-14, 14+ My job is to be Mommy to our three little ones and to support Joshua with love, prayer and time to be able to study and prepare. So what do our three little ones do at camp for the week? I thought you might enjoy some pictures of what they do, the first week we were at camp they were blessed enough to have two cousins to play with.

 Tirzah and Judah spraying each other
 Helping in the kitchen by doing dishes (notice the common theme of water?)
 Drawing on the board
 Bath time
 Taking babies for a walk
 Going for a walk up the big hill
 Playing at Grandma's Cabin
 "Helping" Grandma in the Kitchen make desserts
 Eating together
 Taking care of baby
 Playing with Water Guns
 Water Fun!
Play Piano

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  1. I expect to see the bathtub picture at a wedding rehearsal dinner slideshow one day!