Monday, July 8, 2013

Tea with Tirzah

A few weeks ago Joshua had some special one on one time with Gideon and I had some time with my girls. Chloe joined us for a little while then went off to take a nap. Meanwhile Tirzah and I had a tea party. Our very first actual tea party.It was quite fun, we set our a tablecloth outside then brought out our tea pots and tea cups. We had delicious chocolate cake that Aunt Amy had made for us.
Tirzah made sure her baby was set up in it's high chair and able to enjoy the tea as well. Our kitty cat "stood" up to the table and got a lick of cake at one point. It was a beautiful, warm and sunny morning and so quiet and nice for girl time.

Tea time is definitely something Joshua and I enjoy and our children already follow in our footsteps. It is nice to have a tea party that is all beautiful every once in a while. Tirzah has already started setting up her table with cups and plates now. I love my girls.

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