Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wonderful Week of Christmas

Although being more homebound this week we have been blessed by guests and gifts! My sister Beth came down for a couple days to help me out and keep us company. She was a big help around the house and with Gideon. Then we had my brother Zach drop by for a little bit, my parents came for dinner and Tyler came to share about his trip to Guyana. We enjoyed the company and food they brought. We also had a man from our Church come out and bring us a bassinet they are done using--it is simply beautiful and I am so excited to have the bed up in our room for baby! Which by the way baby has made it to 32 weeks which is wonderful!

Gideon woke up bright and early this Christmas morning and had a blast opening his stocking--he loves that thing--and his Christmas gift. He was such a happy cheerful little boy! And we woke up to beautiful snow covering everything! It is still coming down right now...all in all we have had a wonderful week!

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  1. Merry Christmas!! It is snowing here now and we're supposed to get 2-4". Woo hoo!!