Monday, September 19, 2011

Celebrating my sister and bride to be Bethie

A couple weeks ago my sisters (all except Ruthann) and Beth's maid of honor, Bethany all came together for a little celebration of Bethie! We had so much fun with a mall scavenger hunt that Bethany planned and then we had a good time back at our brother's house where we had food and fun! Tirzah of course had to join the girl time and she had a wonderful time because she follows in her Auntie Maddie's footsteps and she LOVES the mall! I have never seen such a difference between boys and girls but Gideon would happily stay in Barnes and Noble than walk around the mall but Tirzah--she LOVES to just walk in the crowds, grab clothes and she talks and coos the whole time! So she was definitely assigned to a team...we were given clues to stores and pictures of items to find and get our pictures taken with. It was so much fun!

The lovely ladies to celebrate the evening!
My team!
What can I say?
Eating one of the clues as she plays the game with Auntie Maddie and Miriam
Bride to be and Maid of honor!
Don't I look lovely???
Making faces in the mirror
She finally got Auntie Bethie's hat
Gorgeous sister Maddie


  1. I had the same initial reaction as Elaine! I called Maddie and said "you should be a model"! I must admit, I have 6 of the prettiest girls in Virginia (8 if you count Pam and Tirzah)!