Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Clothespin Busy Project

Having a toddler in the house I am starting to look out for little activities to keep Gideon occupied during the day. Things that he can do that will teach him letters, colors and shapes and keep him busy so I can clean up and do things I need to get done. He would like to watch movies all the time but I would rather him not. So I have started taking note of activities he can do and trying to make them into "busy bags". So enter my first try called the clothesline busy activity. I got some help from Moneysavingmom and then away I went....First I taped a string across a doorway. Then I cut out clothing pieces from leftover felt I had from another project. Then I got out my basket of clothespins and let Gideon have at it. At the end I placed it all in a ziploc bag.
What color?
Gideon had fun, but he hasn't quite grasped how to put on and take off the clothespins. So we are working on that. Meanwhile he enjoyed pulling them off, pointing out colors and helping me put them on. He also found longer things to drape on the line since he could do that. :-)


  1. I love activities like this! Thanks for sharing!

  2. great activity for toddlers !!! and fun too, my son loves clothespins, thanks for the idea