Monday, September 12, 2011

Fall Friendship Swap

So last year I discovered the most amazing blogger named Kristen, then I found out that she grew up with my husband and live close by. So I was able to meet her and I was instantly drawn to her charming personality. She is so creative and I learn so much from her blog and I draw a lot of inspiration. She shares hospitality tips, wonderful recipes and just creative things she makes or does. She also introduced me to thedatingdivas and that has endeared her to me as well because she is very much in love with her husband and shares fun things she does to keep that love alive!

All that to say, she is hosting a Fall Friendship Swap where you put together a small box of fallish things that you make or buy and you send it to someone new that will send you one as well. Doesn't it sound like fun? And I think it will inspire me to decorate my home and put aside some time to make some cute things! So go and check out her amazing site and sign up to do the fall friendship swap!

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