Saturday, September 10, 2011

Updates on the Children

Gideon turns the big two next month and I can hardly believe it! He is as cute as a button and is talking up a storm now. He likes to do what mommy and daddy are doing and he is repeating most words we say. He can put words together now in short sentences.

Tirzah is getting to be quite the big girl as well. She is seven months old and can sit quite well, roll over and scoot wherever she wants to go. She loves to eat her applesauce but she still nurses great. She is starting to sit in the high chair to chow down while we eat meals so she doesn't feel left out. She is also starting to talk up a storm. And she LOVES the mall!
In some ways he is growing up...drinking "tea" every morning
In some ways he can't let his babyhood go...

Tirzah is eating crackers in the high chair now!

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