Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hosting a Multi Family Yard Sale

My sister Beth and I hosted a yard sale this past weekend with four other Moms and we had a lot of fun! We had pretty good success and around 11am when the sky looked quite threatening we told people to fill a bag for $1! We sold about 25 bags that way. After all we were taking pretty much everything to the goodwill afterwards anyway.When the rain started to pour down we hurridly packed different cars with items for the goodwill or that we were taking home. The kids were great, they stayed up under the screened in porch with one of the mamas while we rushed around. We had so much fun having a yard sale and got rid of lots of stuff! It's amazing how much one can accumulate.
Borrowing a car seat someone bought for tired Tirzah--Gideon loved playing with her.
Mamas and their babies
Yard Sale Shoppers
Hannah and Georgia--both of us mamas forgot jackets for our kids and it was cold so we took out jackets from our clothes for sale.
It rained at the end and we had the yard cleaned up pretty fast!

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