Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Train Table--Yard Sale Find

Gideon is quite taken with his Thomas trains and we have started a small collection. We have four or five trains and a nice little track for him to put together. We have kept our eyes open for a train table but they are quite expensive. Well a couple weeks ago Joshua and I stopped at one yard sale and found a train table for $20! Which is quite a good deal! So we snatched it right up, however I thought there wouldn't really be room for it at our house so figured we would give it to Grandma for her to have in her playroom! She was happy to have a train table but since she was out of town we brought the table home for the week where Gideon played on it and had a wonderful time. I discovered that I definitely don't have room for it but was glad we have one at Grandma's. So here are some pictures of him enjoying it at our house but it is now moved to Grandma's where he asks to go quite frequently.

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