Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wedding #1

So we have a three weddings in a row this month and last weekend was our first. I was actually part of the wedding party so I let my parents watch my little ones for the wedding so I have no pictures of them there. However my family is heavily involved with most wedding plans going on around us and so my sister Maddie was the wedding planner and made the day beautiful, my sister-in-law Amy was the flower coordinator and made gorgeous bouquets and helped everywhere else and my sister Beth played the music for the ceremony...I just walked down the aisle and supported my good friend who was also one of my bridesmaids-Nicole! Anyway I got some pictures taken by my wonderful brother in law Brandon of Amy and I's baby bumps and I promise she is the same size as me I just look bigger in the pictures...
Down the walkway

Bride and her Daddy

Amy and I

Isn't she glowing?

Baby Bumps


  1. Stephanie, you are so gorgeous! That dress looks really good on you! And you and Amy are both glowing. :-)

  2. I agree with Stacey, you are stunning. :D And little baby is looking so sweet!!

  3. Oh Stephanie! I haven't seen you in so long! Can't believe you are already showing! You look so beautiful! It's so fun that you and Amy will be having little ones so close together! :)