Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's not Measles...

It's roseola...thought I would post this to help new mom's who ever encounter this childhood sickness. When Gideon was a baby like 8-10 months old he ran a fever for a couple days and then the fever disappeared and he broke out with a rash all over his back and chest. Didn't bother him he was just fussy and I felt bad for him but then it disappeared. When I called his pediatrician they weren't much help saying monitor the fever and it could be an ear infection. Well, an older lady at my chapel told me when I was telling her about it that it was a virus called Roseola that was not harmful and ran its course in a few days. When I looked it up she was right, Gideon had all those symptoms just like roseola is described. I learned an important lesson that day--doctors don't know everything and older women who have had many children are a wealth of information!

Sunday Tirzah had a fever and was pretty I kept her on Tylenol and monitored her. Monday she was still rather miserable but her fever wasn't too high. Tuesday the fever disappeared and she was just terribly fussy! Yesterday I noticed a rash all over her first thought was chicken wait, there are too many to close together...measles? I wasn't sure what the symptoms of measles were...oh wait, I bet this is another case of Roseola...and it is. So now we suffer through a very fussy baby as the virus runs its course. And I share this information with other new moms in hopes it may help them if they encounter it.

Sad and cuddly on Sunday with Laura from the chapel

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  1. awwwww:( the poor baby:( i hope she starts feeling better soon!! give her a Hug and a kiss for me:)