Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wedding Reception in Old Library

So I attended the most beautiful wedding and reception up in Baltimore Maryland this past weekend and the reception was held in the George Peabody Library and looked like something out of Beauty and the Beast! It was simply gorgeous and we had a delicious three course dinner and the cake was yummy as are some pictures to enjoy.
Elisabeth and Steve

Where dinner was held...those are all books up in the levels...

Mrs. and Mr. Grassie

Beautiful table setting

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Trying to get a Family Picture: the process

My sister came over last week and took some wonderful pictures for our family. Below are some of the attempts at a family pictures which I think are just darling...the first one of course is the best, we are all looking. The rest well either Tirzah's looking or Gideon but not usually both. Still they are so cute!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wedding #1

So we have a three weddings in a row this month and last weekend was our first. I was actually part of the wedding party so I let my parents watch my little ones for the wedding so I have no pictures of them there. However my family is heavily involved with most wedding plans going on around us and so my sister Maddie was the wedding planner and made the day beautiful, my sister-in-law Amy was the flower coordinator and made gorgeous bouquets and helped everywhere else and my sister Beth played the music for the ceremony...I just walked down the aisle and supported my good friend who was also one of my bridesmaids-Nicole! Anyway I got some pictures taken by my wonderful brother in law Brandon of Amy and I's baby bumps and I promise she is the same size as me I just look bigger in the pictures...
Down the walkway

Bride and her Daddy

Amy and I

Isn't she glowing?

Baby Bumps

Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's not Measles...

It's roseola...thought I would post this to help new mom's who ever encounter this childhood sickness. When Gideon was a baby like 8-10 months old he ran a fever for a couple days and then the fever disappeared and he broke out with a rash all over his back and chest. Didn't bother him he was just fussy and I felt bad for him but then it disappeared. When I called his pediatrician they weren't much help saying monitor the fever and it could be an ear infection. Well, an older lady at my chapel told me when I was telling her about it that it was a virus called Roseola that was not harmful and ran its course in a few days. When I looked it up she was right, Gideon had all those symptoms just like roseola is described. I learned an important lesson that day--doctors don't know everything and older women who have had many children are a wealth of information!

Sunday Tirzah had a fever and was pretty I kept her on Tylenol and monitored her. Monday she was still rather miserable but her fever wasn't too high. Tuesday the fever disappeared and she was just terribly fussy! Yesterday I noticed a rash all over her first thought was chicken wait, there are too many to close together...measles? I wasn't sure what the symptoms of measles were...oh wait, I bet this is another case of Roseola...and it is. So now we suffer through a very fussy baby as the virus runs its course. And I share this information with other new moms in hopes it may help them if they encounter it.

Sad and cuddly on Sunday with Laura from the chapel

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Train Table--Yard Sale Find

Gideon is quite taken with his Thomas trains and we have started a small collection. We have four or five trains and a nice little track for him to put together. We have kept our eyes open for a train table but they are quite expensive. Well a couple weeks ago Joshua and I stopped at one yard sale and found a train table for $20! Which is quite a good deal! So we snatched it right up, however I thought there wouldn't really be room for it at our house so figured we would give it to Grandma for her to have in her playroom! She was happy to have a train table but since she was out of town we brought the table home for the week where Gideon played on it and had a wonderful time. I discovered that I definitely don't have room for it but was glad we have one at Grandma's. So here are some pictures of him enjoying it at our house but it is now moved to Grandma's where he asks to go quite frequently.

Hosting a Multi Family Yard Sale

My sister Beth and I hosted a yard sale this past weekend with four other Moms and we had a lot of fun! We had pretty good success and around 11am when the sky looked quite threatening we told people to fill a bag for $1! We sold about 25 bags that way. After all we were taking pretty much everything to the goodwill afterwards anyway.When the rain started to pour down we hurridly packed different cars with items for the goodwill or that we were taking home. The kids were great, they stayed up under the screened in porch with one of the mamas while we rushed around. We had so much fun having a yard sale and got rid of lots of stuff! It's amazing how much one can accumulate.
Borrowing a car seat someone bought for tired Tirzah--Gideon loved playing with her.
Mamas and their babies
Yard Sale Shoppers
Hannah and Georgia--both of us mamas forgot jackets for our kids and it was cold so we took out jackets from our clothes for sale.
It rained at the end and we had the yard cleaned up pretty fast!