Friday, January 4, 2013

Four Year Anniversary

Yesterday Joshua and I celebrated four blissfully wonderful years of marriage! We are still very happily in  love and more so now then even when we first got married. We are still learning much about each other and how we can better serve and love one another and are amazed that there is still so much to learn.

We celebrated by dressing up and going out to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants Abuelo's (they have amazing food and also send you coupons on your birthday and anniversary.)

This morning Joshua and I made a delicious breakfast that we shared with our children. We had fresh fruit, huevos rancheros, bacon, juice and a doughnut. We ate by candlelight even though it was morning giving a romantic feel even with Gideon asking to blow out the candle and Tirzah wanting bites. Life is good and romance is still alive after three children!


  1. Your family is such a blessing to so many people!! What a tremendous testimony!

  2. 4 years already?????????????
    Time is FLYING! Praise the Lord for your testimony. SO many marriages are on the rocks today (young and old ones) and it is a great thing to see couples like you continuing through the good and bad. :)

  3. Happy anniversary! You guys are so cute together and it looks like you had a great celebration.

  4. Has it been 4 years already? Wow!! Congrats to both of you, again. Y'all have such a wonderful little family. Blessings and love always!