Monday, January 21, 2013

Some More Snow Pictures

This wound up being one of the best snows we have had. The snow was perfect for sledding and making snow ice cream and snowballs! We all had so much fun outside and in over the weekend. We still have some lingering snow around and there is snow in the upcoming week forecast but for now life goes on.
Snow Ice cream is not hard to make all we did was get a bowl full of fresh snow and then add a little vanilla, 1/2 cup of sugar and then milk till it was fluffy and kept tasting it and adding things till it was right!!! It was quite delicious!
Gideon's bear hat on backward (thanks Nicole for a wonderful gift notice he is wearing the mittens as well you brought back)

Behind our house has a great sledding hill!

Daddy and his girls!

I put Tirzah's hair in braids for the first time

So serene and beautiful!

Chloe Bear

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  1. That second to the last picture of your property (the shed and carport) is soooo beautiful!!! Happy Hollows is such a wonderful place!