Thursday, September 5, 2013

A yard Sale Update

So I'm still hitting the yard sales these days, just so busy with everything else I don't have time to blog! But I'll share about the last two Saturdays that I've yard sale shopped. Last week I only was able to pop into one sale but it was a good one! I found all the costumes below for $10, this is the prime time to stock up on costumes because everyone is looking for them for halloween and Christmas. The even better part of these costumes is three of them were Disney store which sell for a good amount. I have already sold the Incredibles and Batman for $10 a piece. I almost made back everything I spent at the whole sale in two costumes. That includes paying for the adorable Dora kitchen I picked up below for $10, it talks in english and spanish and has some cute kitchen items with it. They gave it to me for $10 because I was getting so much other stuff. I also picked up that really nice alphabet train puzzle for the kids.

The week before we hit a really fun church yard sale and got a bunch of things. Joshua picked up a backpacking backpack. I picked up a stool, potty, train, lots of toys, books, etc. The potty, cookie jar and stool I got for $1 and can resell for $5 a piece.  The kids picked up some new toys and really enjoyed this yard sale.

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  1. Steph, you just amaze me at how shrewd you are and how you supplement Joshua's income by doing your yard sale business and the Mystery Shopping jobs. You should write a book and explain all the ways you save and MAKE money! I bet it would be a big seller! (Proud Pops)