Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Learning About Monarch Butterflies

 So we got to learn about the Monarch butterfly up at the Ohio Caesar Creek Lake visitor center last Saturday. They are helping replenish the monarchs and help tag them and set them on their way to Mexico. It was quite the amazing learning experience that the kids and I got to be apart of.

So first off we got to see a tank that had caterpillars on milkweed and hanging out eating in different places.
Then on top of the tank the caterpillars would climb up and hang for a couple of days until they pushed their skin off and formed a chrysalis.
 Then once they had turned into butterflies they were removed from the tank. We learned how to tell which were male and which were female.
Then they got a sticker put on them so they could be tracked. 
Then they were released. Tirzah got to hold one!
On it's way...once it warms up!

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