Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Our third trip to the Creation Museum

So last weekend our family took another trip to the Creation Museum in Kentucky. We took Joshua's parents with us and boy did we pack in a lot of things in our trip.
We left super early on Friday morning so we arrived at the museum by 2ish so we could start checking out new displays and walk through different areas. I was fascinated by the new exhibit on Insects, it was incredible and so interesting. They had lots and lots of displays, lots of movies, etc. They also had a wax scientist who talked to you about different subjects.
Then we moved on to a Buddy Davis concert, where Buddy Davis was so sweet to sing a song that Gideon specially requested and I had contacted Buddy Davis and asked if he would sing for Gideon. That song is "Billions of Dead things", Gideon fondly calls it the water song. It was so fun to see him in concert again. We then moved the petting zoo, they also have a zipline now and a petting zoo.
Gideon and Tirzah loved walking around in the gardens as well, they are so pretty. Gideon figured out how to get some free food to feed the animals. He was so cute!
We went back inside for a planetarium show and to do a little shopping (one of Joshua and I's favorite places to shop). We then headed off to get some dinner and to go to our hotel. We stayed nearby because Joshua and his Dad came back later to the museum for a Star Gazing event. They have big telescopes set up on different things like nebulas and galaxies and then explain what you are seeing. The guys said it was well worth the money and wonderful. The next morning we drove up to Ohio to the Caesar Creek Lake Park where the guys were attending a fossil hunt event done by the museum.
They got to hear Dr. Andrew Snelling speak on fossils and history, etc. Then in that park they have a huge area of limestone that they chipped away and there are millions of fossils laying on the ground, on the wall etc. And you can take them home for free as long as they aren't too big. Joshua and his Dad had been given information about what they would find and would spouting off all these scientific names for fossils that look like shells and coral and horns, etc.
We were able to join them for a while and collect some ourselves. The kids loved that! We also spent the morning playing at the playground. It is so amazing to find all these oceanic fossils in Ohio!!!
So after the fossil event, we went back by the museum for a little bit before heading to some friend's of ours home to stay the evening. We went to their local meeting on Sunday and had a wonderful time of worshiping the Lord and fellowship! Then we headed home getting home late Sunday evening. I definitely recommend checking out the museum's events when you plan your trip!

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