Thursday, September 12, 2013

Yard Sale Disappointments!

So I was super excited to take the kids and hit some yard sales last Saturday and Gideon was excited because he had some money. Well, the yard sales were terrible! Pretty much there was only one I got out at and bought a little fireman costume and a toy organizer.
  I debated getting the toy organizer because one of the shelves was a bit beat up and taped and it was missing a bin. However I have seen several people looking for these recently on my swap group. They were asking $10 so I asked if I bought it would they throw in the fireman outfit? They said yes (it was only $1). So I got it. I didn't know how much the storage shelves go for but I put it out there for $18 and got many bites...and then sold the fireman outfit for $5.
So all in all it wasn't a total lose day but so disappointing for myself and the kids. I also picked up a car seat that was a mistake. I bought it for $10 and realized it was a booster not a strap carseat. Also the lady didn't tell me it was close to expiring. So I'm selling that for the $10 I paid for it, still on the look out for a cheap carseat...

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  1. I'll give you $20 for the toy organizer if it is still available!