Friday, November 15, 2013

Amazing Clothes (Party dresses) for Cheap $10 credit--counts to shipping

Not sure if you've heard about ThredUp but it's amazing! My sister introduced me last month and I am a bit addicted. I don't really like to shop for clothes but it's fun to look...and now you can shop on ThredUp's site for gently used (they have high standards) clothes from really nice brands. Their prices I feel are mostly reasonable...they run sales...they have women's and children's...and to start you off if you use my link they will give you a $10 credit that counts towards shipping. My first order I got the most adorable party dress (seen below) for my upcoming 2nd honeymoon!!! (It fits perfectly!) I might be wearing it before then since it is an adorable party dress! I had $20 credit and got the dress and the sweater for $2 including shipping! Check out their cute clothes...for yourself and gifts!! Also you can sell them your used clothes if they are in good condition and name brand, they have a calculator on there so you know what it might be worth...


  1. I had never heard of this site, but now I have signed up and love it! I just burned way too much of my little ones' nap time there… :( You should receive a credit when I make my first purchase in the near future!