Thursday, November 14, 2013

Biggest House Party Ever!!!

So I was picked to host an amazing Mega Blok House Party...actually 2 of them. One for the biggest legos and one for the small ones. I started out just inviting a few people that grew to having a huge house party. I had 20 moms and over 30 kids. Close to 60 people!!! In our tiny house! Where there's a will there's a way! The House Party sent some amazing toys to give out and I did a couple giveaways. Also a friend of mine had the medium size legos so she brought a couple to giveaway and to display. It was fun and exhausting!
 Billy Beats Piano was sent and I decided to give it away...all the kids loved it!
 Everyone hanging out and playing
 We had a nice array of snacks...
Most of the group...couldn't really fit everyone in or get everyone together.
I think at the end we had like 8 strollers parked outside
These are the toys that were sent with my party packs...

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