Thursday, November 7, 2013

Gideon's 4th Birthday Party: Construction Theme

Gideon turned four last month! Can hardly believe it myself. Except that he is so smart and growing so quickly...he adds quickly in his head, almost has the alphabet down, counts well and loves God which is most important! He also loves to push Tirzah's buttons. The other day in the van we were meeting someone to sell something and Gideon is talking to Tirzah and suddenly says, "we're going to sell you Tirzah!" Instant "no!" and whining from funny! He loves to have Bible time in the evenings and retains everything he learns. That is most important to us that Gideon grows up loving the Lord!

We did celebrate with a construction themed birthday party that was lots of fun!
 Best cake ever...doesn't matter what it looks like as you're going to destroy it anyway!
 Coloring Table
 Game the family played where you throw the bean bag into the trucks...or try to...
 Cake and Candy Table!
 Food table, served chili for dinner!
 Birthday Banner
Flat tires and Boulders and Lumber Yard


  1. Fun party and great details Steph!!

  2. sooooo cute love it all wish I could have been there!