Monday, November 11, 2013

Book Update

A book update...this is long overdue and I will probably miss some books I have been reading. Joshua has really encouraged me and inspired me to read more. We watch way less movies and tv and instead in the evenings we read quite a bit.
  1. Power of a Praying Wife
  2. Desperate by Sally Clarkson and Sarah Mae
  3. My Life, My heart, My all MacDonald
  4. Middlemarch by Eliot
  5. Dombey and Son by Dickens
  6. Agnes Grey by Bronte
  7. Buggies and Blizzards
  8. Ultimate Proof by Jason Lisle
  9. Not a Fan
  10. Out of the Salt Shaker
  11. Tortured for Christ (Voice of the Martyrs)
  12. You can Teach your Child Successfully

More books I have read this year...I read this book called "A Good Yarn" and was a great story about women's lives intertwining thru learning to knit. Hope to read another in the series soon.

Killer Bears was a book that I got at Aletheia Springs this year and was quite intrigued by. It is all about bear attacks and if there is any common ground in the attacks, etc. Gave me a whole new respect for the black bears up here on our mountain. Always be respectful of bears, they cannot be predicted at all--black or grizzly, momma or just give them their distance and don't be stupid and go hiking in their territory alone and unarmed!

Love Walked Among Us was a book I read for one of my counseling classes and it was good. It didn't stand out to me as a particularly wonderful book and I don't think I would be rereading it but it had some good insights into the Lord's life on earth and His love for us.

Can you believe I have never read Tortured for Christ? I was so glad to read this book and be better acquainted with the ministry of Voice of the Martyrs. Gave me quite an appreciation for the freedom we do have to witness and be bold for Christ and a renewed passion for praying for Christians around the world as well as helping them in any way I can.

 I read this book "The Holiness of God" for my counseling class and it sure gave me an overwhelming impression at how irreverent we are towards God. We as humans judge and act toward our holy God as no being should be allowed to do. Our God is so merciful and longsuffering towards his creation.

"I Married You" is a reread, Walter writes a book on his experience teaching a marriage conference in Africa and the problems they have with getting married, marriages, etc. So good and talks about why you need the leaving, cleaving and one flesh in the right order and you need all three!


  1. Thanks for the book list. I always like to see what others are reading. I just finished "To Live is Christ and To Die is Gain" by Matt Chandler. It's about the book of Philippians and it's very, very good. I'm also reading a biography by Ney Bailey called, "Faith is Not a Feeling". I'm almost done and it has been very inspirational to me.

  2. One more thing: are Debbie Macomber's books clean? I have seen her books all over but since I don't know the author, I don't usually buy it unless it's recommended. Is she "safe"? :-)

    1. Hey Elaine, thanks for the recommendations, I am studying the book of Philippians so I'll check it out. The book about the knitting group by Debbie Macomber is clean, I heard she is a christian and her earlier books are even better but I'm only on my second one and it's good so far.

  3. Wasn't Desperate a great book? I read it this summer and found it so refreshing. I'm currently reading Fierce Women: The Power of a Soft Warrior.

    1. Fierce women sounds good...I LOVED Desperate, just been thinking I might be up for a reread. I am about to start on Crystal Paine's new book Goodbye to Survival Mode...I need that!