Monday, March 15, 2010

Five Months Old

Gideon turned five months old yesterday! He sure is growing fast! He has figured out that he can talk and so he just goes to town with it! Yesterday we were watching a documentary and he was trying to out talk them...we had to pause it and play with him, he was just so cute. He has also learned his name pretty much and loves to play with his toys now. He is also learning to take naps wherever we go which helps to keep his moods good. :-) Joshua is working on building a crib and last week since it was spring break he got pretty far. He has all the sides together. All he has left is the bottom and finishing it. It is soooo beautiful!!! Gideon is one step closer to being in his own room.


  1. Oh, my little man is so handsome! And, his crib is looking great! He has the most precious squeal I think I have ever heard......well at least not for a long time!!


  2. Oh wow, his crib really is going to be beautiful! He is very blessed to have such a great daddy who is skilled with his hands and delights in using them for his little boy! :-)

  3. So excited to see you guys have a blog!! I look forward to watching Gideon grow!! He's BEAUTIFUL!! And his name has my heart! :) Hopefully our boys will have an opportunity to play together someday!